Cedar Rapids Market Activity

Cedar Rapids, IA city of Five Seasons

Things are improving and here’s some data to support that:

Number of Sold Homes:
January – April 2011 – 977 Homes Sold
January – April 2012 – 928 Homes Sold
This number is down but we contribute that to incentives being offered last year.

Days on Market (DOM) – The number of days a home is on the market from Start to the point it goes Sale Pending
Jaunary – April 2011 – 106 DOM
Jaunary – April 2012 – 114 DOM
It may take a little longer to get your home sold, but it will sell.

Average Sale Price
January – april 2011 – $142,171
January – April 2012 – $153,165
The good new here is that on average families are purchasing more expensive homes over a year ago. Not to be mistaken for homes selling for $11,000 more in value per transaction.

Gross Volume – Total Volume of homes selling.
January – April 2011 – $138,901,545
Jaunary – April 2012 – $142,138,030

Good news if your home is in the Cedar Rapids area.  Things are improving!

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