Decorate Your Ceiling

We decorate our walls and we pay great attention to our choice of flooring but what about the view above.  My friends at Houzz recently blogged about this topic and I too am going to share my thoughts on the topic. 

The biggest bang for the buck is paint.  In the photo above these homeowners painted the ceiling a dark coordinating color which adds so much depth to the space.  Remember to prime the space first and purchase some pain meds as your neck will be tired when you’re done but the result is priceless.

Wood Plank Ceiling

Coffered Ceiling

A wood plank ceiling adds a great natural element to your space.  I’ve had this type of ceiling in a previous home.  I’d suggest installing a whole house humidifier to your furnace if you live in a dry climate as the boards will shrink in the winter and cause trouble if you aren’t careful.

A Coffered Ceiling is by far my favorite option for adding texture and appeal.  It’s typically a traditional look but depending on how it’s done it can also have a contemporary look.

Fiber Optic Ceiling

This is such an interesting look for a child’s bedroom, a theater room or any place you’d enjoy the look of stars indoors at night.  Talk about Fun!

An exposed beam ceiling is not the easiest “Home Improvement” option but if you’re adding on or building new it offers a “Rustic Old World” look.
Keep your ceilings in mind as you decorate and design your rooms.
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