Improving Your home for $1,000 or Less

I posted an article on my Facebook Page last Spring that I think is still very valuable so I thought I’d share it with you.  Yahoo Real Estate has piece that they got from Kiplinger that I’m now sharing with you that says you can Improve Your Home for $1,000 or Less.  What a great concept.

1. Make Over Cabinets in your Kitchen…….Some fresh paint on the cabinets and a new bright wall color does wonders for an instant update.

2. Create an Office Nook – I’ve seen some fabulous closet re-dos that have added a great space for an office nook. It’s an instant update and it’s a great way to organize and keep your family running with ease. This even works as a great place for homework and fun/games. I love this idea!

3. Reclaim Your Garage. My family and I have spent a few days working on exactly this.  We had accumulated so much stuff but hadn’t taken the time to find a good home for it.  We added hooks for the kids bikes, shelves for our seasonal items and more shelves and hooks for rakes, brooms, hoses and the all important golf clubs.  We can now pull into the garage and get out…..It’s Awesome!

4. Organize your closet. Ok, this one is next on my list.  I dont’ know about you, but my kids are terrible about hanging their clothes up.  I’ve decided it would be much easier for everyone if the kids had more shelves in their closet and dividers or baskets to keep it organized.  Imagine a laundry day with no arguing over putting clothes away……I know I’m dreaming, but why not?

5. Update your Lighting.  New lighting makes a huge change to any room.  Your new lights can be as trendy as you want them to be and there’s no question that the update is financially worth the investment.

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