What is Curb Appeal and Why is it Important?

Curb appeal can best be describes as “Love at First Sight”. It’s the feel you and your guests get when they pull up to your home.  It’s also the first thing a potential buyer sees when they look up your home on-line.  If they don’t like what they see they won’t look any further.

1. First things first. The exterior of your home needs to be clean.  Get out the power sprayer and remove the grime.  Once you’ve cleaned the siding wash the windows and sweep the side walk.  These are easy and inexpensive ways to get started

2. Next it’s important to have a clear path to your front entrance.  If you don’t already have a front walk you can create one with large flat rocks, patio pavers or even small rocks with a border.  If you have a path make sure you’ve put a clean edge on it and removed any weeds.  It also helps to add some detail such as shrubs, outdoor lighting and nice architectural elements.

3. Landscaping is the next best place to improve your curb appeal.  Dig up or trim back old over-grown shrubs.  Pull weeds and mulch for instant gratification.  If funds allow you may want to invest in a new flower bed or start from scratch with the old beds.  If you have a mailbox out front make sure it’s clean and has a fresh coat of paint on it as well.  Two large pots, one on either side of the front entry will add a punch of color and welcome your guests.

4. Once it’s a pleasant experience to get to the front door you need to ask yourself if the front door itself is inviting.  Do you have a screen door? If so, is it in good condition? Upgrading the front door is a great way to enhance the exterior look of your home.  Make sure it matches the style of your home and if this isn’t an option paint can do so much.  Re-paint the door in a color that enhances the appeal of your home (Chocolate Brown, Red and Black are great choices) and add new hardware.

5. Lighting can add an instant update.  Take down those outdated brass globes and replace them with new and current fixtures.  If it isn’t in the budget to replace what you have, clean your lights, shine up the metal with polish or paint and replace the bulbs.

Don’t forget a nice door mat out front to help keep the dirt and leaves outside where they belong.  Your home now says WELCOME!

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